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Manufacturing/Sub Assembly


Since 2000, GIC has expanded into manufacturing and sub-assembly to better service the needs of our customers.  This expansion brings together the strength of GIC’s inventory management and CNC capabilities to offer customer’s precision machined products and assemblies with JIT inventories.  We can do the following processes:  CNC machining, Screw machining and welding.  Machining material used but not limited to:


• Stainless Steel
• Copper

• Carbon Steel
• Silicon Bronze

• Brass
• Aluminum



One of GIC’s core capabilities is the value that we bring by doing sub-assembly projects for our customers.  The utilization of our skilled labor and engineering support brings value to our customers by minimizing their production times, supply chain costs and lowering overall inventory impact.  We have an extensive history of bringing this value to the following customers:


• Danaher Corporation
• Nissan

• Cummins

• Imagining Sciences International
• Kasai Kogyo Co. Ltd.