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Waterworks Products

GIC offers custom kitting and has the capability to meet the specific needs of our customer’s requirements.  GIC offers mechanical joint and pipe flange accessory packs with any compound of metal and/or gasket.  GIC also carries a variety of individual components such as all-threaded rod, studs, eye-bolts, T-bolts, nuts, in all types of material.

• MJ Kits
• Flange Accessory Packs 
• MJ Transition Kits

• All Threaded Rod
• T-Head Bolts, Non-Traditional Bolts, Tie Bolts & Duc Lugs
• Coupling Nuts, HH Nuts and Washers











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Our waterworks division specializes in products for connecting pipe. Let us bring you cost savings through creative supply chain solutions and following your needs across a wide range of markets including automotive, lawn and garden, marine, energy, health care, and more.

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